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Product Support Guide

Support Articles for M2.Connect MOST


Generic Installation Guide for all fiber-optic MOST network products.

This document details the DIP Switch settings required to configure the M2.Connect for MOST product for different vehicle types.

M2 User Manual

A guide to Audi A8 coding procedures for Telephone.

A guide to the MMI2G, and required software updates.

A guide to BMW headunits

A guide to solving any issues with Android phones.

M2.Connect for MOST Firmware

Firmware can be applied in 3 ways:

  1. By placing it on a USB stick and inserting it into the USB port on the product.  The update will be automatically detected and applied, this process takes about 5 minutes.
  2. Using the mObridge Update Wizard to apply the updated file.
  3. Using the Android App to automatically apply the latest firmware.

ProductApp Version NumberLink to fileRelease Notes

M2.Connect for MOST

1.12.9M2.Connect_MOST_1.12.9.fifRelease Notes


Checking Audi MMI Software Version
MBZ COMAND functionality
Bluetooth Operation in Mercedes Benz
Deleting Devices on Mercedes Benz Headunit
BMW 5-Series Bluetooth functions
BMW 5-Series Deleting Telephone
Bluetooth Functionality on PCM Radio
Deleting Paired Device on PCM Radio
MINI: Deleting telephone from mObridge kit
MINI: Pairing telephone
MINI: Bluetooth Functionality
Porsche: Why do only 10 phonebook contacts appear on the PCM screen?

This occurs when the original SIM-card based Phone Kit remains installed in the vehicle in addition to the mObridge Bluetooth kit.  Removal of the original SIM-card Phone Kit will fix the issue.