Complete DSP Graphical Interface for audio tuning, channel mapping, parameter adjustment, time alignment and many more features. You can also update the your firmware of the product and configure your mObridge device easily using the mObridge DSP Application.

Once installed on your PC, this software allows you to connect to the mObridge unit and to update its software or configure its settings.


It is recommended to save a backup of your configuration settings for use in cases of need.


Requirements: Windows XP , 7 , 8 , 8.1 , 10
Latest Release: v19.11.01
Installation Guide:

  1. Save the file to your computer, and double-click to open.
  2. Follow the installation wizard. Where it asks if you want to install the drivers, please accept.
  3. To run the application, open the “Start Menu” and select the following:
    • Windows XP / 7: “All Programs → mObridge → mObridge DSP”.
    • Windows 8 / 10: “mObridge → mObridge DSP”.


Requirements: macOS 10.9+
Latest Release: v19.10.02
Installation Guide:

  1. Save the DMG file to your device
  2. Open the DMG.
  3. Install the D2xxHelper_v2.0.0.pkg
  4. Drag “mObridge DSP” into your Applications folder