The event is taking place on January 9th, 2018 in The Venetian, Lido 3002-3004, Las Vegas. For more information on the event please refer to AGL CES 2018 News

The solution shows off the INICnet-50utp Fiberdyne DSP 6.1 channel amplifier running in conjunction with the Renesas R-Car M3 platform with Automotive Grade Linux utilising the Microchip UNICENS layer.

The INICnet-50utp technology from Microchip allows for a very flexible and easy to implement audio subsystem. With the use of the INICnet-utp50 digital MEMS microphone it is possible to add any number of daisy chained microphones through the vehicle interior as well as Fiberdyne distributed amplifier system consisting of master DSP with additional remote amplifiers.

The addition of the new range builds upon Fiberdyne existing OEM solutions consisting of MOST25, MOST150 and Analog based CAN amplifiers.

Fiberdyne Research amplification technology utilizes the Indice Semiconductor Continuous Sigma™ proprietary power control algorithm that is able to remove switch mode bridge error and noise in real time, offering a breakthrough in high fidelity audio whilst maintaining high efficiency.

The technology addresses the limitations of today’s Class D amplifiers which inherently introduce inter modulation and harmonic distortion due to the carrier frequency modulation and inadequate adaptation rates.

The amplifier technology uses a multi feedback system which naturally rejects switching and power supply noise.

The Continuous Sigma™ encoding method allows the amplifier to compensate for the natural non-linearities of MOSFET’s and provide an exceptionally flat gain curve.

Continuous Sigma™ is an asynchronous switching algorithm reduces the EMI profile with no fixed carrier frequency present.

Fiberdyne Research’s advanced DSP algorithms are capable of powering entry level amplifiers across a number of power levels from 300W 8 channel entry level amplifiers all the way through to 4KW 24 channel amplifiers with distributed system topology complete with room correction and advanced ANC features utilizing digital MEMS microphones.

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